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AI-Powered Online Calculator Generator

Transform your website with ease using our AI-driven calculator generator. Create interactive, custom calculators with zero coding skills needed. Just describe your desired calculator and watch our AI craft the perfect code. Customize with your brand colors, embed seamlessly, and boost engagement, lead generation, and SEO effortlessly.

Boost SEO

Engage visitors with interactive tools, keeping them on your site longer and improving search rankings.

Capture Leads

Turn casual browsers into potential customers by offering value through personalized calculations.

Enhance User Experience

Provide instant, valuable insights to your visitors, making your website a go-to resource.

How It Works

Boost Your SEO and Engage Visitors with Interactive Calculators

Create an Account

Create an account in seconds and start using CalcLeads. It's super easy and fast.

Embed Calculators

Generate and embed calculators in seconds. No developers needed.

Grow Your Business

Our AI-powered calculators generator offers a true value to your visitors boosting your SEO and leads.

You Invested a Fortune in SEO, but Visitors Leave Your Site and Rarely Come Back. So How Do You Make Visitors Come Back Consistently?
Does This Sound Like You?

SEO efforts don't have a positive ROI

SEO-optimized content and backlinks can only do that much. You need to deliver value to beat your competition. And this is where interactive calculators come in.

People don't come back to your site

The real value is in repeating customers and visitors. This is how Google knows that you deliver value and starts ranking you higher. Interactive online calculators can help you bring people back to your site.

You've tried ads to drive engagement, but they are too expensive

Ads are too expensive and unreliable. The best leads are those coming from the search results as they already have an interest in what you have to offer, thus, more chances to convert visitors into customers. By offering them interactive calculators, you constantly engage potential customers with your brand,

Your visitors don't turn into leads

Imagine your potential customers bookmarking your site to user your calculators. They know you, they trust you, they are more likely to reach out to YOU when they need your service.

CalcLeads Helps Entrepreneurs, Marketers and SEO Experts To Create Valuable Tools That Drive Traffic and Convert Visitors into Leads

Create with Ease, Convert with Power

Effortless Creation

No need for developers. With CalcLeads, crafting interactive calculators is a breeze.

Seamless Integration

Embed your customized calculator directly into your website, enhancing user engagement instantly.

Formula-Free Fun

Forget complex calculations. Our AI handles the math, so you don't have to.

100% Brandable

Tailor every aspect to fit your brand's unique style. It's not just a tool; it's an extension of your brand.

Your Tool, Your Rules

Complete control over design and functionality. Create calculators that truly represent your business. You don't have to edit the code, but you can if you want to.

This calculator is made with CalcLeads

Test the product

Mortgage Calculator


In the field “I want to calculate” write what kind of calculator you want to generate, be precise. For example, instead of  “Property” write “Monthly Mortgage Payment” or “Rental Revenue”. The more precise you are, the better results you get.

Simply click regenerate button or try a different notion.

You can use our built-in styling options to change colors. You also get a complete code, which you can easily edit.

You will receive a code snippet. Simply add it to your website. If you are using WordPress, add the code into the html box. 

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